Yams Vs Sweet Potato – The Best Alternative For Healthy Weight Loss

Yams Vs Sweet Potato - The Best Alternative For Healthy Weight Loss

While both yams and sweet potatoes are very popular in the United States, they have a number of important differences that may help you decide between these two excellent food options. If you’re looking for healthy foods, you may want to try yams over sweet potatoes, but which one is better?

In fact, there’s a lot more in common between a yam and a sweet potato than there is between a yam and a potato. Originating in Asia and Africa, yams are also classified as monocots – plants with just one seed leaf – and are typically tubers, rather than fruits. This unique trait makes yams one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet, and a great choice when you are thinking of what foods to eat to improve your health.

Both yams and sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, but sweet potatoes contain far more fiber per unit weight than do yams. While the fiber content in both is high enough to improve overall health, sweet potatoes contain almost twice the amount of fiber. This means that you can drink more water with sweet potatoes and get the same amount of fiber from them as you would with other vegetables.

Some people may be turned off by the idea of eating sweet potatoes but don’t let that stop you! In fact, sweet potatoes are perfect for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure. When you have hypertension, a lot of your blood is pulled from your legs and distributed throughout your body. This, in turn, can cause constipation and other bowel problems, so sweet potatoes are an ideal choice as a dietary supplement to treat this type of condition.

Other health benefits associated with eating sweet potatoes include their ability to lower blood pressure. They also have been used for centuries to help with heart disease. Because of this, some people may wonder why the consumption of sweet potatoes has become a popular alternative to eating a diet filled with white flour and sugary products. The truth is that sweet potatoes have been known to actually strengthen the immune system and may even protect against heart disease.

Sweet potatoes are very versatile and can be used in so many ways. You can use them in a variety of recipes, or cook them raw, for a treat at a friend’s house. Or you can add them to your favorite dishes, like oatmeal, muffins, and cakes.

Although you will get more fiber and potassium from eating sweet potatoes, not all of that comes from the vegetable. Some of the magnesium, iron, and other nutrients are also found in the skin of the sweet potato, which makes them an excellent addition to your diet.

In the end, you will find that yams or sweet potatoes will come down to personal preference. And because they have so much in common, it is easy to make a decision that will benefit your health.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that you should only consume sweet potatoes on a limited basis and you should take them just as soon as they are peeled.

Yams Vs Sweet Potato - The Best Alternative For Healthy Weight Loss

Taking them raw can leave you open to the risk of eating too much.

In fact, some people may not be able to consume sweet potatoes altogether without negatively affecting their health. To be on the safe side, you may want to consider adding them to other foods like oatmeal.

Eating sweet potatoes can also help lower cholesterol levels and give you energy, as well as help you feel better overall. Since they are high in potassium, they can actually ease symptoms of depression and fatigue. Just be sure to stay away from eating too much sweet potato if you are suffering from hypertension or heart disease. If you choose to do so, limit the amount you eat every day.

Although sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative to white flour, yams vs yum or sweet potato has more advantages than disadvantages. You will find that the extra fiber and potassium they provide will help you live a healthier life and enjoy tasty, delicious treats throughout the course of the week. And by eating them in their raw form, you can be assured of getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients that you need.

Yams Vs Sweet Potato - The Best Alternative For Healthy Weight Loss


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