…I like textiles because the sensations of touching and working with the textures are comforting. ”

From traditional patchwork to machine quilting, from knitting and crochet to tapestry weaving, from batik to felt-making, students (service users)  enjoy many techniques in this department.

Texture, pattern and colour are all explored, as well as how to make and decorate items using machine and hand stitching.

“Textiles is therapeutic. You interact with the materials and with other people and it’s good to use your head to think things through.”

The department has easy-to-use sewing machines and an inspiring mix of fabrics such as silks, velvets and chiffons, plus many threads, wools, beads, ribbons, paints, glitters and dyes.

Popular finished items include interior furnishings, fashion accessories, greetings cards, pictures and wall hangings.

“I made two beautiful bags for my daughters and they’re very proud of me, and that’s given me confidence.”


See some of the textiles work produced in this studio or follow the links below to read about the other studios at Start :


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