Painting and Drawing

A full range of skills, from basic mark-making to advanced painting techniques, is covered in this studio. The tutor encourages students (service users) to learn how to draw by observation from life, and this requires patience and practice in developing an ‘eye’, and perhaps unlearning old habits.

Students also learn how to mix colours and use tones, how to be expressive as well as technically correct in drawing and painting, and how to tackle composition, perspective and shading. Watercolours, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink and pencil are used, and other skills are covered, too, such as stretching paper and canvas. The studio has easels and an excellent range of materials.

Drawing underpins much of art and design, so the tutor from this department will regularly offer taster sessions to other studios to help students develop confidence in drawing.

Here’s what some students say about painting & drawing:

‘One of my problems was being able to relax, and being able to concentrate – I used to be anxious too much of the time, and unable to focus on any one thing. Since I’ve started painting, I find it relaxes me, and also it’s helped me learn to concentrate on one thing at a time …’

“I find drawing and painting quite therapeutic… I like to lose myself in a swirl of paint!”


See some of the drawing and painting work produced in this studio or follow the links below to read about the other studios at Start :


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