Mosaic can be used in a pictorial, traditional or modern, painterly style, and students (service users) can try all three approaches at Start. Learning how to design and how to use unusual materials is also encouraged. As mosaic is a durable material, students find it perfect for interior and exterior signs, for pictures and plaques. Its decorative qualities also mean that it can be used to transform 2D and 3D items such as a pot, mirror frame or garden feature, and this is a popular option.

The studio holds a wide variety of glass and ceramic tiles, and coloured grouts. There is also a range of more unusual media such as wires, beads and natural materials, and students are encouraged to think experimentally in their use of multi-media.

Here’s what some students say about mosaics:

‘Working in mosaic is relaxing and absorbing… I find it stimulating because it’s quite a challenge to cut pieces just right and use colours as you want… I like the way you can make useful things out of mosaic…’

‘I feel great when I’m doing mosaics. I’m proud of myself when I’ve done something, and especially when I’ve finished it…’

‘I like being able to create something from scratch and seeing how it all comes together in the end… My family are glad I’m being creative and are impressed at what I have done. They’re surprised at what can be done with tiles…Deciding what you do, then producing it, is amazing…’


See some of the mosaics work produced in this studio or follow the links below to read about the other studios at Start :


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