Students (service users) in Start’s horticulture group can train in the basics of garden maintenance such as tending the lawns and tidying borders, or expand their knowledge in areas such as soil types, composting and pruning.

In the greenhouses there’s space to learn how to cultivate seedlings and tender plants, whilst the market-gardening beds offer a chance to practice growing fruit and vegetables. Special projects are also included in the learning programme that show how to plan and plant containers and hanging baskets.

The range of equipment is extensive in the Horticulture department, and students can learn not only how to use this equipment, but also how to maintain it.

Here’s what students say about horticulture:

‘Learning about gardening at Start has given me insights into how living things interact with their environment. I can see how the right conditions, and the right kind of care are essential for plants to grow and thrive. It’s made me understand how it’s just the same for people, and I feel I have grown and thrived since taking up gardening…’


See some of the horticulture work produced at Start or follow the links below to read about the other studios at Start :


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