“Clay is a very forgiving art form that will work with you…”

“With clay I have been able to let my imagination run wild and this has allowed me to imagine life outside of my illness.”

In the ceramics department, students (service users) will begin with learning how to handle clay, together with firing, glazing and decorating techniques. Many students like to make functional or decorative items for the home and the garden such as pots, vases and mugs, whilst others specialise in more experimental sculpture and hand-building techniques.

In time students can move onto complex skills such as slip-casting and press moulding, as well as popular methods of decoration like smoke firing, raku, and the use of coloured slips.

Ceramics is well-equipped, Facilities include kilns, a wheel, moulds, and glazes of many types.

See some of the ceramics work produced in this studio or follow the links below to read about the other studios at Start :


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