Saeed’s Story *

Finding a Future

Saeed is an academic who had a business career mapped out for himself. Then a traumatic event threw his life into turmoil and everything fell apart, including his mental health. He felt alone with his illness, and thought that he had no future to look forward to.

“ When I first came to Start my confidence was rock bottom. I had no interest in myself, and I didn’t think I deserved anything from life. Mixing with people was very hard at first, but gradually my confidence grew, and I began to look forward to my classes. I discovered a creative side to myself which I didn’t know I had. Five years later I have turned my life around, with the help and support of Start. I am very proud to be a member of Start. It’s opened up a future for me, given me options where I thought there were none. Now I am leaving to study a City and Guilds course. Then, who knows…?”

Note: Since first publising Saeed’s story, he has successfully completed his City & Guilds art course, and has now gone on to study for an art diploma.

* Not person’s real name


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