Maureen’s Story *

Healing Myself

Maureen was working as a successful freelance journalist before her first hospital admission some 10 years ago. She had always drawn as a hobby, creating portraits and other images. The basis for her expressive artwork began with the experience of hearing voices. These voices forbade her to tell anyone what she was hearing and seeing, so Maureen began to convey her thoughts through her artwork, in a documentary way, as her only means of true expression.

“ I have suffered with schizophrenia for many years and have experienced much stigma and ignorance from friends, family, and others. Start has allowed me to use art in a healing way – it’s a release; drawing, sculpting and creating is how I communicate what I’m experiencing. Through my artwork I aim to dispel the myths about mental illness and highlight some of the positive aspects. It’s not at all how most perceive; it can lead to a strong creative process; imagination and sensitivity can be enhanced. Most people are unaware of this ”

* Not person’s real name


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