How to Control a Purslane Weed

How to Control a Purslane Weed

In the UK, Purslane weeds have been a significant problem for a long time. It is also a very good example of a plant that requires a certain amount of moisture in order to grow properly.

The reason behind it is that many other plants in its family grow on the soil in its roots. In a sense, it is a sponge. If you cut down a tree, the roots die but the plant is still alive and growing; the roots of a plant will also not grow unless they get some water.

If you are planning to grow a plant then you should know this fact well. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to control and even eradicate the plant if you do not have any information about the root structure of the plant.

The roots of the plant are in the soil, where water will be present. If you do not keep the soil moist all the time, the roots of the plant will not survive and die off.

The best way is to provide your plants with water from the water pump or hose when it rains. It is also important to water the plant regularly after you plant it. However, this is not a time-consuming task.

If you are not careful, the root of the plant will be damaged severely and will be unable to absorb any water at all. That’s why it is important to take care of the roots of the plant before it grows up to be a weed.

The best way to deal with the roots of the plant is to remove the soil from between the roots and the ground. You can take a stick and dig out the soil by cutting away at the root. Then rinse the roots with water so that the roots do not absorb any water.

Once the roots are removed, you should make use of aeration to the soil. This helps in moving air into the root space which helps in keeping the roots moist and cool. When you are aerating the soil, you should keep it moist but not soggy.

If you fail to do this, then you can get the roots affected and the plant will not be able to recover even if the air circulation is good. Therefore, you must ensure that the roots of the plant are well aerated and well drained before you plant it.

After removing the soil from between the roots, you should then plant the plant.

How to Control a Purslane Weed

If the roots are healthy, then you can use fertilizer to the plant but if you notice that they are rotting or that there is a lot of dead leaves, then you should stop using fertilizer and just plant without fertilizers. until the root is recovered.

It is recommended that you water the plants very often. so that it gets the maximum benefit from the fertilizer and so that it remains cool during the whole growing season.

If you are not going to water your plants very often then you can still water it twice a week so that the roots do not die off. You can use a garden hose with the water hose attachment to give it water. If you are not using a garden hose, then just pour water onto the plant at times when the soil is dry and allow it to soak into the soil.

In a month, check whether the roots are doing well and if it is then you can start using fertilizer, soil aeration and other measures to increase its growth. If the roots are healthy, you should fertilize the plant again. Do not over fertilize because it will only affect the roots of the plant and make it weak.

How to Control a Purslane Weed


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