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We couldn’t believe the sumptuous range of goodies that fell out of the packaging when Start’s work arrived – we were just gobsmacked’ – Arts in Fife

‘It’s wonderful to think that the skills I’ve got will help someone who is much worse off than me. It makes me feel valued’ – Start student

Arts in Fife asked Start Textiles Group to help them create a playbus full of objects of Wearable Art that would interest and stimulate children with profound and multiple disabilities. Start was one of a variety of textile groups around the country commissioned to create this work.

Project Artist Wendy Teall explains: ‘We used smells, sounds, textures, colour, shape and pattern to draw the children in and tempt them to play with our objects. Our aim was to create a body of work that would emphasise all the senses and abilities the children had, rather than those that they did not.’

Arts in Fife were bowled over when they received the collection, titled ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ and inspired by the sea.

The collection was reported to be vastly popular, with children queuing round the block to play with Nessy, the periscope, and other items.


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