Iguana Bar 2003

This commission of ten paintings grew from themes of rock shapes, foliage and iguana tracks left on the ground. Students from Start’s Painting and Drawing Department worked with their tutor to develop the compositions from literal drawings, to more abstract images.

It was completed in October 2003, and is situated in the Iguana Bar, Chorlton, Manchester. The commission asked Start to respond to the special lighting in the seating area of the Bar, where the lights change colour every few minutes.

Says tutor Jude Atkin: ‘The most important aspect of this commission was to achieve the right palette: colours were carefully planned and researched by us to give maximum dramatic effect under changing lights. As the light alters, it sends the different hues of paint through stages ranging from glowing vibrancy to almost black in some cases, transforming the accents in each painting along with the ambience of the space.’

What the commissioner says about this work: ‘I’m really pleased with what Start has come up with – it’s modern, it’s minimal, it’s right for the space.’


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